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18th September 2021

Barbados Youth Business Trust

Prince’s Trust International has been working in Barbados since 2016 through delivery partners the Barbados Youth Business Trust.

The Barbados Youth Business Trust’s entrepreneurship programme is a private sector initiative made possible through a partnership with the voluntary sector and together provides start-up capital, business mentoring, networking, advisory and marketing support services to encourage a new generation of young Barbadian entrepreneurs.

The BYBT Mission: To provide under-served young people with dynamic programmes, focusing on business mentoring, start-up loans, and entrepreneurial skills development.

Barbados Youth Business Trust in collaboration with PTI delivers two programmes. The first is the Explore Enterprise programme which aims to engage young people over the age of 18 in exploring whether self-employment is a viable pathway for them. The four-day course, followed by a period of mentoring, introduces the basics of business whilst helping young people to identify their own strengths and begin developing a business idea.

Enterprise Challenge is a programme for younger learners, typically aged 11-18, to inspire their entrepreneurial spirit through group mentoring sessions, an online business simulation game and a business idea and pitch competition.

Barbados Youth Business Trust are recruiting for ‘Explore Enterprise’ programmes – with both face to face and online options.

If you want to explore whether starting your own business could be right for you, or have an idea and don’t know what to do to start – no experience or ideas necessary. A great to chance to explore whether starting a business could work for you, to generate ideas and get support.

To find out more or sign up contact:

Barbados Youth Business Trust

228 2772

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