Learning and Development

As an organisation, our purpose is to support young people to grow, develop and achieve their potential, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to our own colleagues. There are a range of ways that we support people to learn and develop. But learning here is more than just training courses. We are committed to supporting and empowering our colleagues to drive their own development in the following ways.


We learn a lot from on-the-job experiences, some estimates are as high as 70%. Think back to how you’ve learnt to do something – there’s a good chance it involves making some mistakes and making best guesses in a dynamic environment.

We provide the support for colleagues to learn from their experiences in a positive way, including though our Continuous Review and Development process, and the opportunity to debrief and review on-the-job experiences with your line manager in order to maximise your learning.


Being exposed to new ideas is essential to expanding your horizons. Human beings are social animals, so at Prince’s Trust International we make sure we maximise the opportunities for our colleagues to learn from each other.

We have a range of projects groups that all staff are encouraged to participate in, these may be programmatic, thematic, involve corporate social responsibility – e.g. environment and sustainability or to improve our culture and working experience – including diversity and inclusion and mental health and wellbeing. There’s always something our colleagues can do to broaden their knowledge and skills.


In conjunction with our colleagues at The Prince’s Trust, there is a range of blended (face to face and digital) learning opportunities provided. In addition, Prince’s Trust International identifies and procures team or individual training opportunities tailored for working globally, including leadership skills, unconscious bias and developing digital skills. We have some content and courses that are mandatory for everyone, but there is also plenty of fantastic optional content to choose from.

And if we don’t offer what our colleagues need, support is available for external training opportunities.

Please bear with us while we update our website. We appreciate your patience as we transition to The King’s Trust International.