Expression of Interest – Enterprise Challenge Pakistan

Prince’s Trust International (PTI) is thrilled to be launching a call for interest to identify partners in Pakistan to collaborate in delivering the Enterprise Challenge programme to approximately 1,000 young people across Pakistan (aged 14-18) in 2022-2023.

We are looking for a delivery partner who could promote active participation from girls and boys and promote the important role both women and men play in their societies. Interest and knowledge on promoting socio-environmental activism amongst young people will be considered an asset.

If selected, the delivery partner will deliver the Prince’s Trust International ’Enterprise Challenge’ programme with a budget of up to £100,000 (23,406,357 PKR) from April 2022- March 2023. A successful pilot is likely to result in the partnership being extended for at least 2 more years.

The programme is expected to be delivered nationally, through blended delivery (online and face to face). Presence in all regions and knowledge of virtual delivery will be considered an asset.

Interested organisations should submit a completed ‘Expression of Interest’ form by 24th January 2022 (8AM, GMT) to:

For more information about the Prince’s Trust international, please visit

Download the info deck here:

Expressions of Interest Info Deck – Enteprise Challenge


Prince’s Trust International (PTI) has been supporting young people worldwide since 2015. We were founded by HRH The Prince of Wales to tackle the global crisis of youth unemployment. Since our inception, we have supported over 34,000 young people globally.

Our mission is to empower young people to learn, work and thrive. We provide opportunities to develop the skills and confidence to succeed and deliver tangible employment outcomes. We blend our expertise with a global network of local partners and develop programmes and interventions to help young people build their own futures. These draw on over 40 years of operational experience to deliver education, employability and enterprise opportunities for young people.

Our theory of change is to work in partnership, and adapt our delivery, to meet the local needs of young people and to build on the existing expertise of youth organisations around the globe.

Our programmes and interventions are delivered by local partners. We blend our expertise with a global network of local partners and develop programmes and interventions to help young people to build their own futures.

As outlined above, we work collaboratively with these local partners to adapt our delivery to meet the local needs of young people.

Prince’s Trust International’s Approach to Partnerships

Between 2015-21, PTI has worked with over 35 partners across the world to design, develop and implement programmes, which have reached over 34,000 young people. While PTI’s key mission is to support young people through the delivery of its flagship programmes, the organisation also provides non-financial support to partners to strengthen their organisational effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Programme design, set-up and delivery
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Financial management and fundraising
  • Safeguarding

PTI carefully considers its partnerships with a desire that these will be long lasting and collaborative with a joint vision of growing the programme, identifying new funders and supporting young people at scale.

We value the importance of connecting with others and learning from them as well; we host regional knowledge shares and multiple webinars with partners’ involvement and expert guest speakers to allow further networking and learning opportunities. These include topics such as: Mental Well-Being and Resilience; Lessons Learned from delivering remotely; Innovating Education during Covid-19; Preparing Young People for the Green Economy.

We are looking for a partner that shares this approach to partnership and the desire to work together to grow on the programme and ensure its on-going sustainability.

Enterprise Challenge Programme

Why are we doing it?

Sparking an interest in entrepreneurship allows young people to think outside the box, look beyond traditional work routes, and find solutions to fulfil their personal interests and achieve financial stability. Over the last four years of Enterprise Challenge delivery in Pakistan, nearly 3,000 young people took part in the programme. In 2020, 61% of participants strongly agreed they can explain the field of social entrepreneurship by the end of ECP, when before the programme only 7% of participants cited that they could.  13% of young people went on to develop a small enterprise, supporting communities in their local area.

Where are we doing it?

Enterprise Challenge Pakistan has been delivered since 2016 and the programme is currently gaining global momentum in the UK, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Jordan and Barbados. We are exploring the development of a global competition to promote cross-cultural learning for young people around the world from which young people in Pakistan could benefit.

How are we doing it?

The programme is approximately 2-3 weeks long and delivered across 6 hourly sessions across Tier 1 and Tier 2 schools in Pakistan. The content is delivered by accredited teachers and mentors. The programme has been delivered digitally, face-to-face as well as via blended approach.

PTI Eligibility Criteria 

We are looking for organisational partners who:

Are a registered organisation in Pakistan

Have an alignment of organisational mission to support young people

Have a proven track record of at least three years in delivering similar interventions across different regions of Pakistan (Key factors: work in schools, work with mentors, experience of supporting young people improve business skills)

Have a strong interest and knowledge in environmental and social values

Have a strong interest and knowledge of impact framework and measurements

Have at least three years audited annual accounts

Have formal written policies or procedures covering the following:

  • Safeguarding and child protection
  • Anti-bribery, fraud, financial crime and financial abuse of charitable funds;
  • Engagement with sanctioned individuals, organisations and/or projects in sanctioned countries;
  • Engagement with terrorist financing;
  • Recruitment policy, including that of any volunteers (and background checks conducted as part of this)

Have an annual expenditure (restricted plus unrestricted from latest P&L statement) which is at least four times higher than the value of the proposed grant.

Have unrestricted reserves equal to at least four months of unrestricted (operational) costs at the last year end date.

Have an interest in entering a long-term partnership and upscaling the programme over time.

Next Steps

If you think this is a good opportunity for your organisation, these are the next steps:

  1. Join our Open call at 8.30 am (GMT)/ 1.30 pm (PST) on 21ST December 2021 and/or 11th January 2022 to ask any questions about the project or process. To attend, please book your slot via Eventbrite (Link to Event 1 and Event 2)
  2. Request us a recording of the above call(s) should you want to listen to it again or should you not be able to attend.
  3. If interested, submit a completed ‘Expression of Interest’ form (see below) by 24th January 2022 (8am, GMT) via email . Please note that submission of an expression of interest does not guarantee selection. PTI is under no obligation to select any of the submitted proposals.

PTI will then:

  1. Shortlist the applicants (max 5) and request further information, including budgets and project proposals as part of our due diligence process.
  2. Hold Interviews and field visits in March 2022
  3. Confirm the successful applicant and begin the contract process by April 2022.

For enquiries, please email



Expression of Interest Form – Enterprise Challenge Pakistan

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