‘Hustla MBA’ Programme in Kenya with Shujaaz

2nd July 2020

Shujaaz Inc. are a strategic communications company, working to break down barriers and address information gaps for young people across East Africa. Shujaaz Inc. reach over 5 million young people in Kenya and Tanzania through their print and online media.

Prince’s Trust International have been working with Shujaaz Inc. to develop the ‘Hustla MBA’ programme, and since October 2019 the programme has already been piloted with over 150 young people in peri-urban communities in Kenya!

The ‘Hustla MBA’ programme is both an online and face-to-face learning journey, built around young people sharing their own lessons on setting up and growing a business.

Consisting of seven “meet-ups”, groups of young people come together to watch videos of young entrepreneurs talking about how they started their own businesses. Groups can talk about the challenges they face, and share ideas and solutions in order to move to the next step in their business journey.

The delivery model requires training Shujaaz Inc.’s network of super fans to facilitate meet ups, with Prince’s Trust International creating the initial training plan for these young people.

Here, Joseph Kivaya who recently joined a Shujaaz virtual hub, tells us about his experience and what he has learned.

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