Prince's Trust International Staff stories

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Rebecca á Rogvi-Hansen

International Project Manager, Rwanda

Shortly before joining PTI, I had made a move from corporate into the NGO world. I was on a great career path in the corporate world but struggled to find purpose in my work. One day, I decided to leave my job and pursue something more impactful.
I personally believe that education is one of the most important and impactful offers you can give to a person. It is a way of helping someone to improve their own life in a sustainable way. As PTI offers programmes in education, and as the job posting was for the country I had just relocated to, this job offer seemed to be a perfect fit for me.
Other elements I was attracted to:
– The values of the organisation
– That I had a feeling I would be able to get close to the work we do
– That there is a focus on impact and on the people we help
– That the programmes would be tailored to the local markets instead of simply copy-pasting UK programmes to the local environments
– That I would get to work with Delivery Partners who have deep knowledge of the local settings and culture

Trina Somerville

International Programmes Manager, Europe and MENA

I love everything about PTI. I have seen a lot of change over the past 2 years and have enjoyed moving with the changes and the strategy to develop and grow. I have met some inspirational people since working in PTI and it is the most unique and special organisation I have ever worked for. I love that they have really invested in their staff and the tools to help them create a better work/life balance and colleagues are so supportive that you never feel afraid to ask for advice or help. I see PTI as a family more than just colleagues. You get a sense of teamwork like I have never seen before and there is a sense of getting full support from Senior Management that I have never experienced before.

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