Shujaaz Inc.

Hustla MBA

In 2019 Prince’s Trust International began developing our partnership with Shujaaz Inc. to deliver programmes to young people wanting to start or grow their business.

Shujaaz Inc. are a strategic communications company, who work to break down barriers and address information gaps for young people across East Africa. With a focus on livelihoods, health, and social and political agency, Shujaaz Inc. reach over 5 million young people in Kenya and Tanzania through their print and online media. They run engaging campaigns on a wide range of topics, and are extending their capacity to deliver interactive programmes, both online and face-to-face.

Shujaaz Inc,’s in-depth knowledge of and reach to young people in Kenya, coupled with Prince’s Trust International’s expertise in creating engaging programmes and learning journeys was a wonderful opportunity for collaboration – we are working with Shujaaz Inc. to develop the Hustla MBA programme, built around Shujaaz Inc.’s videos of relatable role-models. Drawing on some of the topics and approach of Prince’s Trust programmes, the videos have been ordered into playlists with clearly structured framework, discussion points, activities and learning outcomes.

Initially developed as a blended learning programme (a mixture of online learning and face-to-face sessions), the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the Hustla MBA become a completely virtual experience – young people can work through the programme content online, at their own pace, and interact with other learners via the programme discussion forums.

Since October 2019, the programme has already been piloted with over 150 young people in peri-urban communities in Kenya. With each trial, the reach expands, and we continue to look at how the face-to-face experience can be reintegrated with the digital platforms.

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