International Day of Education 2023: Prioritising Education through Achieve

24th January 2023

In 2023, 244 million children and youth are out of school, and 771 million adults are unable to read or write (UNESCO). This International Day of Education, we are reflecting on how we continue to prioritise education and invest in futures. 

Our Achieve programme works with young people who are struggling with their learning and are at risk of dropping out. Tailored to the local need, the programme aims to support each young person through relevant, engaging, and informal learning. In the last 3 years, Achieve has supported over 5,000 young people in 10 countries. 

Achieve is delivered in Malta in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the generous support of HSBC Malta Foundation. Maureen Amoroso, has been instrumental in delivering the programme across schools in Malta.  

Commenting on the need for the programme, Maureen said: “Today we are encountering a generation of young people who, due to a variety of reasons, lack so many skills that were previously considered as a natural part of a young person’s development. We need to prepare our young people for the world of employment.” 

A testament to the impact that Achieve can have on a young person can be seen through Katriel. Katriel (16) lives with his parents and grandmother in Malta. He is looking forward to studying hairdressing at college and one day hopes to run his own salon. Achieve gradually supported Katriel to build up his confidence, independence, and capacity to work with others. You can read more about Katriel’s story here. 

Maureen continues to add “Through Prince’s Trust International’s Achieve programme, we are always constantly aiming at raising the levels of student retention and attainment in both compulsory schooling and in further vocational education. Students are given the opportunity to learn new skills; to enhance existing skills; to acquire and practice skills which are needed in today’s world; to believe more in their abilities and to feel empowered that they can do better every single day!”.”  

This year, young people across the world will continue to benefit from the skills they learn on Achieve. Through programmes like this, Prince’s Trust International is committed to helping these young people to build sustainable careers.  

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