International Day of Education 24

24th January 2024

Insights from Teachers on International Day of Education

As we celebrate the International Day of Education, we are taking a moment to applaud the dedication, passion, and resilience of educators around the world. Supporting teachers can create a lasting impact for future generations and communities around the world.

Since 2015, our education programmes have served to promote alternative approaches to learning, supported young people to reengage with formal education and equipped them with the skills needed to transition from school to lasting careers. This focus on personal development and practical skills is at the core of PTI’s education programmes – Achieve and Enterprise Challenge. 

The Achieve programme is delivered by facilitators (teachers or youth workers/tutors, also known as Achieve Advisors) and focuses on developing young people’s skills and confidence through relevant and engaging learning, taught in an informal and interactive style. Facilitators are trained by PTI staff in the Achieve method of teaching and delivering session plans. 

The Achieve Programme: Shaping Futures, Empowering Minds 

As part of our latest impact report, we surveyed 76 Achieve Advisors in Ghana and Malta where PTI is making a profound impact through the Achieve Programme. Our aim was to understand and evidence whether teachers had experienced changes in their social and emotional learning and their teaching methods since taking part in the programme. The survey also asked teachers what changes, if any, they had observed in their students’ behaviours and skills. 

Key Findings: Teachers’ Professional Development 

  • 82% of respondents reported changing their teaching methods, with 50% describing the change as ‘significant.’ 
  • Supporting students in effective task completion emerged as the most common teaching adjustment, while punctuality to lessons was the least common. 
  • Noteworthy thematic shifts in teaching styles include a focus on student-centric approaches, hands-on delivery, and increased flexibility. 

Voices from Educators: Transformative Changes  

Teachers provided valuable qualitative insights, with themes such as student-focused approaches, hands-on delivery, and flexibility in teaching style emerging prominently.   

“Achieve has allowed me to have more one-to-one experiences with students, improving my teaching overall.”  

Beyond Achieve: Impact on Teaching Outside the programme 

We also explored changes in teaching methods outside Achieve: 

  • 46% of respondents reported altering their teaching methods outside Achieve sessions. 
  • Themes included a continued focus on student-centric approaches, improved communication, and the introduction of new activities. 

As we celebrate the strides in teachers’ professional development, we also acknowledge the profound impact on students’ behaviours and skills. 

Read our latest impact report here. 

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