Volunteers are an essential and an integral part of Prince’s Trust International vision. We welcome the opportunities that can be gained from people volunteering their services to support Prince’s Trust International programmes.

Becoming a Volunteer is a hugely rewarding experience and provides the opportunity to utilise skills and experience to support and enhance young people’s lives following participation in many exciting Prince’s Trust International programmes is also a two-way experience whereby a volunteer will also gain new knowledge and skills through training and trusted relationships.

Volunteering opportunities with Prince’s Trust International, in the UK or internationally, must always be entered into safely, positively and to the benefit of young people as a force for good.

All volunteers will be subject to a minimum of a basic (UK) DBS check, or equivalent.

On contact with Prince’s Trust International, newly interested volunteers will be informed about any current opportunities then formally interviewed and trained to fully understand background, skills/ knowledge, motivation, and the time commitment involved.

To enquire about volunteering with Prince’s Trust International, please contact us at enquiries@princestrustinternational.org

Please bear with us while we update our website. We appreciate your patience as we transition to The King’s Trust International.